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Hello everyone! Here are our fall opening hours

Mondays- 4pm-10pm

Thursdays and Fridays- 4pm- 10pm

Saturdays- 11am-10pm

Sundays- 11am-8pm

(pre-orders recommended for bookings after 3pm for Sunday Roasts)

Christmas Opening Hours 2023

December 21st 12pm-Close (last FOOD orders 9-10pm)

December 22nd 12pm-Close (last FOOD orders 9-10pm)

December 23rd 11am-Close (last FOOD orders 9-10pm)

December 24th 11am-Close (last FOOD orders 7-8pm)

Christmas Day- FULLY BOOKED

Boxing Day 11am-Close (last FOOD orders 7-8pm)

December 27th- CLOSED

December 28th 4pm-Close (last FOOD orders 9-10pm)

December 29th 4pm-Close (last FOOD orders 9-10pm)

December 30th 11am-Close (last FOOD orders 9-10pm)

December 31st 11am-Close (last FOOD orders 7-8pm)

New Year's Day 11am-Close (last FOOD orders 7-8pm)

We are an independently run Bar and Restaurant in West Kirby. Breakfast, brunch, dinner, coffees, beer, cocktails, shakes! We have a wide range of menus offering diversity and authenticity to suit all hours, tastes, ages and styles.

The name Grand Ave comes from the Elmhurst neighbourhood in Queens, one of five boroughs of New York City. Grand Ave subway station was merely a minute's walk from where we made our home in the borough of Queens so many times in the last decade.

Besides New York, I've also spent time visiting Las Vegas, San Francisco (Hopland Ranch), Atlanta, Findlay (Ohio), the Hamptons (New Hampshire), Torrington (Connecticut) and Atlantic City experiencing diverse cultures and food. But for me, the most memorable food has been the Reuben Sandwich, Cuban Sandwich and Beignets.

The very first Reuben Sandwich I ever tasted was at the famed Katz's Deli on Houston Street on the Lower East Side (I was living on Chrystie Street, north of Grand Street back in 2000 and it was only 5 mins around the corner!). It was a HUGE sandwich, even by American standard but it was heavenly to taste. I am grateful I had the opportunity to learn the Reuben Sandwich in Toronto at the famed Shopsys Deli. Here at Grand Ave, we share similar techniques but a slight differential in the use of curing salt.

The very first Cuban Sandwich I had was in New York City. June 23rd 2000. I had graduated from university and in possession of a J1 working visa, I took to the skies. I spent my first week in Harlem on Amsterdam Avenue gaining my bearings, finding accommodation and jobs, and eating Cuban Sandwiches! At its very essence, it is a simple sandwich but the work that goes into the sandwich, from the bread to the citrus braised pork makes it so much more. 

By nature, I do not have a sweet tooth at all. I much prefer spice than sugar but the Beignets are a proper treat. My time in Atlanta took me to a place near Turner Field, home of the the Atlanta Braves. It was piping hot, fresh out of the fryer, dusted with icing sugar and had those dip pots (I chose chocolate). I've not seen anything like this anywhere, even in America but it's a treat to behold.

If there's one regret I have, it's not taking in Mexico and the true deep south and learning the appeal of biscuits and gravy,  yams,  file gumbo, catfish and creole food. Perhaps one day.... In the meantime, we've found a home in West Kirby and hope to astound, engage, provoke debate and ultimately, tickle those tastebuds of yours!




Grand Ave Breakfast, Eggs Bennys, Buttermilk Pancakes, Shrimps Torpedos, Pork Potstickers, Southern Fried Chicken Burger, The Cuban Sandwich, the Reuben Sandwich, Mississipi Mud Pie, Beignets and Dips features on our menu. 

Key West Cooler.jpg

The management team of Michael, Mihail and Daniel are lifers in the hospitality industry with a combined 50 years of experience between them. From working in their childhoods, the industry is in their blood. 

Michael graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Hospitality Management, he took to the skies armed with a J1 working visa and headed to New York, mesmerised by the American experience. Mihail has worked with some of the industry's biggest brands and also heads his own chef agency. Daniel is our manager and has experience in fine dining service, the art of a sommelier and of course, as a mixologist.

We hope you will come and visit our small independent business. Any suggestions more than welcome.

Your town, Your social life, Your Restaurant


Should you wish to contact us about employment opportunities, dietary requirements or simply make a booking, do not hesitate to do so.

For Takeaway Requests: please call OR message us on for an immediate response.

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